Sandra Rankin

St. Johnsbury, VT

My daughter Delaney... has shown incredible improvement in all aspects of pitching. Her speed and accuracy have greatly increased, but most of all, so has her confidence. Because of Jesse's expertise, guidance and natural coaching ability, Delaney wants the ball every time. She wants to keep getting better and practices at least three days a week in between lessons. She also works out on her own to get stronger. Jesse is truly the best! We drive 2 and a half hours to see Jesse and will happily continue to do so. She is "that special" coach in my daughter's life. We recommend her 100%!!

Debra Leahy

Bethel, VT

Jesse is excellent. Laura showed immediate promise as a pitcher as a 5th grader with very little formal coaching. She had incredible speed for a young kid partially due to her height and long arms. She continued to excel until she started getting some traditional coaching from an old school coach. Her accuracy improved, but not her power or speed. The stress she put on her body trying to gain speed caused repeated injury. The Tincher Pitching method is bringing her back to what she did naturally as a young pitcher. She is relearning how to pitch from square one. Jesse is patient, clear and very supportive. She is working with my younger daughter as well. I highly recommend Jesse.

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David Dorman

Seabrook, NH

Jesse is the best. Since meeting with our daughter, who was struggling in every facet of pitching, she has totally transformed her. Not only with the pitching but the conditioning as well. The other morning I caught her doing “planks” on her own with no direction from me or my wife. This was a girl, who until last August, needed to be poked and prodded to practice! Jesse has shown her results in the proper manner and my daughter is starting to take on the responsibility of improving herself. Jesse is a credit to the profession and we are proud to know her. Although she is just starting out I know great things are brewing at Hutchins Pitching & Performance. I cant say enough how great she is and that trust in the Tincher method and fluid dynamics has paid off greatly for my daughter..